Green Water Technologies and Kenai Pro Elite Join Forces to Solve Your Water Problems

Exclusively distributed in south Texas by Green Water Technologies, the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment Systems by Pentair aids homeowners in the quest to rid unconditioned water (hard water) from daily lifestyles. Green Water Technologies offers a viable solution for homeowners who are seeking the most sophisticated and effective water treatment program in today’s marketplace. Upon installation by Green Water Technologies, the Pentair Pro Elite saves homeowners time and trouble.

The Problem

Unconditioned water (aka “hard water”), in the state of Texas has left an indelible mark on the homes of many residents, notes Green Water Technologies. The most prominent concerns include undesirable residue and staining on glass surfaces, tubs, sinks, tile and fixtures. Many Green Water Technologies clients have reported a mineral build-up on water heaters which decreases energy efficiency while shortening the unit’s term of life. Home appliances such as dishwashers and laundry machines may also be at risk due to these impurities, notes Green Water Technologies.

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Green Water Technologies Harnesses the Power of the Pentair Pro Elite

One of the key leaders in water technology today, Pentair has created and developed the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System to meet the highest levels of support for homes and businesses. The sole provider of this system in the south Texas region, Green Water Technologies is confident that all homeowners and business owners earn a significant return on investment by ensuring the flow of quality water through Pentair Pro Elite.

The impressive design of the Pro Elite has attracted numerous clients of Green Water Technologies to this outstanding system. With a unique triangular shape and an attractive metallic finish, the Pro Elite fits right in at home among the kitchen appliances of Green Water Technologies clients.

How it works
Green Water Technologies clients feel better about their workplaces, offices and residences after choosing the Pro Elite.

  • A digital electronic controller serves as the driving force of the system through each stage of the process, according to the experts at Green Water Technologies. By adapting to the specific water usage of each home or office, the digital electronic controller adjusts to the client’s specific needs.
  • The Pro Elite’s First Alert system contains a number of conductivity cells that alter the digital electronic controller in case the water quality suddenly changes. Performing at maximum capacity at all times, the Pro Elite saves Green Water Technologies clients both time and money.
  • The memory backup programming is designed to maintain optimal settings even in the event of a power outage, notes Green Water Technologies. Utilizing the finest state-of-the-art parts and components available in the market, the Pro Elite’s performance is enhanced by high-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

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Green Water faucet hard water

South Texas Water is One Tough Problem, Reports Green Water Technologies

Tough on Your Home

The unconditioned water in San Antonio leaves its mark all over your house, resulting in a whole host of problems, including:

  • Unsightly stains and residue on sinks, tubs and tile and fixtures
  • Undesirable etching of glass surfaces
  • Mineral build-up inside the water heater shortens its life and decreases energy efficiency*
  • These impurities also negatively affect other water-using home appliances*

Tough on Your Family

San Antonio’s unconditioned water can affect you in the shower, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house, leaving you with:

  • Scratchy, unabsorbent towels and premature fabric failure
  • Soaps that don’t lather or rinse well, leaving a residue on skin and hair
  • The need to spend up to 50% more money on soaps, shampoos, detergents and other cleaning products**
  • Reduced effectiveness of cleaning products
  • More time spent scrubbing tubs, tile and fixtures
  • Higher energy costs to operate an inefficient water heater
  • Shorter life cycle of water-using appliances lead to costly repairs or replacement*

The Solution?

Green Water Technologies has the answer to your water problems: The Pro Elite™ Professional Series Water Treatment System by Pentair. Click here to learn why.


Sources: *Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) **Water Quality Association (WQA)