About Green Water Technologies

Utilizing both intelligence and efficiency in all of their projects, Green Water Technologies expertly solves the major problem of unconditioned water in homes and businesses throughout Texas. Untreated water often leaves a residue on hard surfaces in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other areas of the home. Green Water Technologies is affiliated with the Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA) and continues to advocate for the improvement of regulations and standards for today’s water industry, particularly in customer service and sales.

Green Water Technologies was established in response to the ravaging effects of Hurricane Katrina. After the hurricane caused such destruction in New Orleans and nearby cities, the owner became curious about water filtration and water quality. In 2007, he completed training in this industry niche and leveraged his personal experience to found Green Water Technologies.

Green Water Technologies is now firmly entrenched as a leader in the field of water filtration, serving as an exclusive dealer for Pentair and Pro Elite. As the premier water treatment system, Pro Elite allows homeowners and business owners the opportunity to experience fresh, clean water without any harmful pollutants and contaminants.

For Pentair Pro Elite customers, Green Water Technologies promises the highest quality materials that withstand wear and tear. The Pro Elite’s bold design features a contoured shape and two-toned metallic/gray finish that allows it to complement home appliances. With a memory back-up system, the Pro Elite has the ability to retain its setting even in the midst of power outages or other interruptions. On the Green Water Technologies website, customers have the option of viewing resource materials including a Pro Elite Brochure, Pro Elite Analyzer Owner’s Manual and a Pro Elite Demand Owner’s Manual.

With service contracts from IHOP, Kirby’s Steakhouse, Red Robin Restaurants, and multiple schools and car washes, Green Water Technologies has demonstrated its strength in the marketplace. As an added benefit, the company also has affiliations with Preferred Credit, Bank of America, and Carmel Financial that allo
w clients to obtain the necessary financing in order to offer co-workers and families the best in water purification systems.

Dedicated to offering quality customer service, Green Water Technologies is an active and engaged member in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company employs highly skilled professionals who appreciate the distinctive needs of today’s business owners and homeowners. Green Water Technologies stands ready to provide globally recognized products and ensure the utmost in convenience for their valued customers.