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The Problem

Water quality issues are compromising the environment and health of residents in South Texas. There’s only one way to say it: unconditioned water has no place in your home or place of business. Read more >>

The Solution

The experts at Green Water Technologies are improving the
quality of life for Texans with one of the most sophisticated water treatment systems available today, the Pentair Pro Elite Professional. Read more >>


The Kenai Pro Elite Professional Series eliminates harsh pollutants to ensure safe drinking water for your family and is distributed exclusively in South Texas by Green Water Technologies. Read more >>


Unconditioned water results in a host of problems at your home or business. The energy-efficient, Energy Star Certified, Kenai Pro Elite can extend the life of water-using appliances and reduce the use of cleaning products. Read more >>


Green Water Technologies is an authorized Pentair Kenai Pro Elite dealer located in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2008, Green Water Technologies has strengthened its reputation as a major water filtration company proudly serving the residents and businesses of South Texas.

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 displaced people from their homes in Louisiana and parts of Texas, the company founder relocated to Oklahoma City to study water products distribution in preparation for birthing Green Water Technologies. In 2007, he returned to Texas as a consultant for water purification products in the greater Dallas area. Green Water Technologies earned a Pentair contract to develop sales and distribution channels throughout Texas and secured a number of finance agreements with leading institutions including Carmel Financial, Bank of America, Dow, and Preferred Credit. As a result, Green Water Technologies is able to offer many affordable lending options to customers.

In 2008, Green Water Technologies earned the exclusive rights to distribute Pentair products, including the Pentair Pro Elite, in south Texas. Now, Pentair Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System is exclusively distributed in the San Antonio area by Green Water Technologies. The firm has also earned water purification contracts with IHOP, Kirby’s Steakhouse, and Red Robin Restaurants, among other major restaurant chains.

Green Water Technologies is a member of the National Assn. of Homebuilders (NAHB), Texas Water Quality Association (TWQA) and the San Antonio Business Association.

Find out how to eliminate the effects of harmful water with the Kenai Pro Elite™ Water Treatment System >>>

What Green Water Technologies customers are saying about the Kenai Pro Elite System

Thank you, Green Water Technologies! I love my Pentair Pro Elite. When I travel for work and stay in different hotels, I can’t wait to get home to my Pentair Pro Elite. The water in the hotels leaves my skin so dry and tastes horrible. I guess I have been spoiled by my water at home. I would recommend getting the Pentair Pro Elite from Green Water Technologies to anyone! ~ Linda M.

The Pentair Pro Elite has worked wonders in our household. Our laundry is fresher, our skin is not dry and itchy anymore, and we no longer have to buy a bunch of cleaning products or clean our showers because of water spots. It’s great and the water is always fresh. Thank you, Green Water Technologies. ~ Jamika C.

The Pentair Pro Elite System is working tremendously. My wife and I felt an immediate difference in the water quality. From the service to system, it has been an awesome experience and investment working with Green Water Technologies. ~ Jeremy & Rosa H.

Getting the Pentair Pro Elite system from Green Water Technologies was the best investment we’ve ever made. Not only has it saved us money, it has improved not only our health, but saved us time too. Extremely pleased with everything! ~ Lynda H.